RAMCO's mission is to delight our customers with employment services of the
highest possible value through an on-going commitment to excellence, quality,
and innovation. We aim to attentively serve all applicants, employees, and
customers with courtesy, professionalism, and respect.

RAMCO’s goal is to be recognized by customers, employees, and competitors as the leader in the employment services industry, and for raising the bar in securing, and retaining the most qualified, and legally compliant workforce.

Founded in 1984, RAMCO is recognized as a premier, full-service employment services company, providing quality staffing solutions to the food processing, light industrial,
and agricultural industries.

RAMCO earned its reputation for high customer satisfaction through quality performance, integrity, and value added services.

We are your cost-effective alternative to hiring personnel on your own. Our full range of services optimize workforce productivity while allowing you to focus on your core business.

We do the paperwork. We train the personnel. You benefit. Our dependable workforce includes:

  • non-skilled general labor, food processors, quality control technicians, clerical, line operators, forklift drivers, warehouse personnel, dock workers, nursery workers, and others.

RAMCO provides a pro-active approach to human resources management, regulatory compliance, and immigration reform programs that you will find nowhere else.

  • Workers comp. and unemployment claims handling.
  • Reduced liability for labor law and immigration violations.
  • Relief from recruiting, screening and registration costs.
  • Flexibility to match workforce with workload.
  • Reduced overtime costs.
  • Bilingual labor relation services.
  • Relief from workers' and food safety training and documentation.
  • Training programs for supervisors and expert supervision.
  • Completion and tracking of time-consuming paperwork (I-9's, W-2's, W-3's, EDD, payroll tax filing, check printing, etc.)









RAMCO manages all facets of human resources, labor, and regulatory compliance. We take great pride in our ability to provide custom-tailored solutions that fully meet your needs and high expectations.

Ramco Enterprises LP, headquartered in Salinas, California is a full service staffing company specialized in the food processing, light industrial, warehousing, and agricultural industries. Offices are located in California and Arizona.