RAMCO assumes all legal obligations for employee wages, payroll deductions, unemployment insurance, and workers compensation, so you enjoy peace of mind and reduced administrative burden.

Free yourself from the time-consuming tasks of payroll administration and payroll tax compliance, as we provide accurate, confidential, and cost-effective services that meet the unique needs of each customer.

All RAMCO employees are paid by check promptly, when payment is due. Electronic filing of payroll data to EDD and reporting to the IRS are only part of the dependable services you may need.

Under our payroll processing program, RAMCO will:
  • Monitor employee time and attendance by means of state-of-the-art electronic and biometric technology to ensure that you only pay for hours actually worked.
  • Process checks on scheduled pay dates.
  • Distribute payroll directly to customer locations.
  • Tailor labor and payroll reports specifically to your labor cost and management reporting requirements.
  • Handle all employee paperwork (I-9s, W2s, etc.).
  • Electronically file payroll data to EDD and IRS.
  • Cover workers' compensation premiums and provide claim management when necessary.
  • Shield customers from ancillary employment costs such as unemployment.
  • Accurately-and timely-file all Federal and State payroll taxes.

Why not end your administrative burdens? Free yourself to focus on your core business by utilizing RAMCO employees, or by switching your employees onto RAMCO payroll.